Foamposite 1
Foamposite 1
Foamposite 1

'Sequoia' Nike Foamposite Pros Release Date
Release: 16 August 2018

Style Code: N/A

Colourway: Sequoia

You don't have to be sitting at Rucker Park listening to Mos Def’s ‘Mathematics’ on a discman to enjoy these Nike Foamposite Pros (though it would be on-brand). This new ‘Sequoia’ colourway comes ripe for 90s nostalgists, dressed in a shade of green sure to disappear into camo cargos and bulky enough to put ironic dad-shoe wearing youths to shame.

Look for these to drop on August 16, when you can go get them in person from your local Nike retailer just like the old days.


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