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Sekure D X Jordan (Mj Colab)

As images of this Jordan leaked last night without correct attribution, we can finally reveal the true story. It is not a Dwayne Wade player exclusive or even an upcoming release. The reality is far stranger.

For local sneaker customiser Sekure D, it's also a profoundly bitter-sweet moment. This is his shoe, one he designed specifically for Michael Jordan on his visit to Australia. Sadly for him, it's not even a finished version. This is one of the great what-ifs.

Unfortunately shit happens. When MJ's trip Downunder was cancelled due to the lock-out, it effectively ended the project before it reached its creative conclusion. From Sekure's point of view, it was a tremendous honour to be asked to design for Jordan, but he was conflicted about acknowledging the sample's existence publicly, primarily because it was very much a first draft. A whole swag of design details are missing which would have been fixed second time around. It's like a half-baked cake in other words.,

Needless to say, this is every sneakerhead's nightmare, especially for someone like Sekure who idolises Jordan. The ultimate accolade is bestowed only to be snatched away on the buzzer.

Sekure's side of things is online right now over at G-Street. Check it for further details.

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