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Cosentino Nike 1
Cosentino Nike Dunk Sekure D 1
Cosentino Dunk 1
Cosentino Sneaker 1
Sekure D Cosentino Dunk 1
Sekure D Cosentino Sneaker 1,
Sekure D Cosentino Nike Dunks 1
Cosentin Sekure D Nike Dunk 1

Sekure D X Cosentino Nike Dunk (Custom)

Custom artist Sekure D has produced these vibrant custom Dunks for master illusionist and Australia's Got Talent star Cosentino. Inspired by Cosentino's love of the steam punk aesthetic, the copper clad kicks feature Sekure D's signature robot arms strewn on the uppers, with clockwork dials dominating the medial. See more at the Sekure D website.

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