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Sekure D What The Sekure Dunk 1 2
Sekure D What The Sekure Dunk 2 2
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Sekure D 'what The Sekure?' (Custom)

Featuring panels from some of his most sought after creations, Sekure D spins the colour wheel with his crazy new ‘What the Sekure?' customs. An ode to the notorious mix-n-match SB, the shoe is Sekure's commentary on the lack of creativity currently in the custom game:

If you were new to the scene you would swear looking at blogs that all anyone does when customizing sneakers is take pre existing colorways and patterns and repaint them onto a basketball shoe, imaginative right? I do not hate on peoples hustle or ability to flip this kind of work for large stacks but it's disappointing to see this kind of work become the pinnacle of our field and be the only type rewarded by some of the major sneaker sites. Don't we live in a scene that rewards originality anymore?

So are customs becoming too predictable and played out? Have your say at the Custom Sneaker Forum and hear more from Sekure over at Thanks to G-Street for the news.

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