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Saucony to Release Shadow 6000 and Jazz Double Pack

Saucony Jazz and Shadow 6000 Collector's Pack
Saucony Jazz and Shadow 6000 Collector's Pack
Saucony Jazz Collector's Pack
Saucony Shadow 6000 Collector's Pack

News of this release was first published on Feburary 25, 2022.

Update March 25, 2022: After releasing at global retailers, the Saucony Shadow 6000 and Jazz duo, known as the 'Collector's Pack' will be available from Saucony directly on March 25.

It’s not often that sneakers release exclusively as a double pack, so it’s a big occasion whenever it happens. Especially if it’s from Saucony, who typically are understated about their OG releases. Here is a set of the Shadow 6000 and Jazz in catalogue colours, but they’ve been re-upped with premium perforated leather.

The Shadow 6000 and Jazz recently ticked over 30th and 40th anniversaries last year, and here is a fashionably late send-off for the heritage runners. The former is among some of the most comfortable styles of the era, and still holds up great today. Here it is in original white, beige and navy combos but, instead of the mesh and nylon used on the toe, mid and tongue inserts, is perforated leather for an upscale look.

The same has been done to the Jazz, which is a relatively cleaner design with its fewer panels and larger mid section and toe box, again featuring perforated leather. This is set tonally with the buttery navy colourway. There’s some contrast via silver branding and white soles.

However, what’s perhaps most interesting is the dual boxes housed inside a silver sleeve, creating a two-tiered sneaker drawer. Pretty cool!

At $299, it seems like a relatively good deal, considering how much other shoes can go for. Raffles are open now on Sneakersnstuff ahead of a February 26 release.

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