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Saucony Grid SD (Ether)

Saucony Grid Sd Ether 3Saucony Grid Sd Ether 3
Saucony Grid Sd Ether 2
Saucony Grid Sd Ether 1

The new ‘Ether’ is looking resplendent in rose gold. The design is inspired by the dome that sits atop the original operating theatre of the Massachusetts General Hospital, which was built in 1821 – back when such spaces actually hosted audiences. This Grid derives its name from the event that took place in the hospital on October 16, 1846, when the building played host to the first public demonstration of inhaled ether's anaesthetic properties.

The Saucony Grid SD ‘Ether’ will be available on February 11 from select stockists, including your pals at END. Float on over to secure a pair.

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