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Saucony Light And Shade

Saucony Asian Exclusive Light & Shade Pack

Oh holy monochrome goodness! Saucony have nailed this trend on the head by decking out three of their most popular silhouettes for a four kick pack, in simple, but very well executed, black and white colourways. The pack, which little is really known about, is called 'The Light and the Shade' pack and is currently exclusive to Asia and by the looks of things ABC Mart. It entails the Shadow 5000 in black and white leather, a Grid 9000 in mostly black leather, a whited-out version of the same kick but with perforated leather and a gum sole, and finally, the crowd favourite Shadow OG in white leather with grey accents and a solid black midsole. Might need to call in some massive favours for these bad boys or sit on here and wait until we know more.

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