Nike Air Jordan 4 Bred 2019 Release Rumor 2
Nike Air Jordan 4 Bred 2019 Release Rumor 1

Rumoured Jordan 4 'Bred' for 2019

There are four letters that'll light up up Jordanhead's eyes and have them pulling out their camping gear: B-R-E-D.

The iconic colourway was first wrapped around a pair of Jordan 4s during the 1989 playoffs, and rumour has it that they'll get an anniversary edition next year.

The 'Bred' will use the original black, cement and fire-red colour combination and will see the return of Nike' Air logo on the back – just as it appeared on MJ's pair when he scored 44 points against the Cavs in Game 5 off the playoffs.

This is all rumour at the moment, but considering the recent Jordan 3 retros, we think it’s a pretty sure bet. We'll keep you posted.

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