Rick and Morty adidas Speedportal X
Rick and Morty adidas Speedportal X
Rick and Morty adidas Speedportal X

Rick and Morty Get Multidimensional with adidas' X SPEEDPORTAL
Release: 19 July 2022

When the world's best soccer players (or footballers, if you'd prefer) are lookin' to get schwifty, they need a cleat (or boot, if you'd rather) that lets them move rapidly in all directions. To fulfil this need, adidas have released their new X SPEEDPORTAL line, a set of high-performance options for both turf and hard ground that are centred around the concept of 'multidimensional speed.' Of course, there's nobody in any universe that knows more about being multidimensional than Rick and Morty, so adidas have tapped the two cartoon heroes to help reveal the campaign as well.

The X SPEEDPORTAL line is spotlighted in an entirely original 90-second Rick and Morty clip, in which the titular heroes manage to combine the abilities of Mo Salah and Vivianne Miedema into a single boot, making Morty, who's far from an elite athlete, the greatest soccer player in the world. 'This 90-second short is as funny as anything Rick and Morty and as fast as whatever Rick must have put into this boot,' said Michael Ouweleen, the president of Adult Swim. 'It’s a collaboration that could only happen in a multiverse, and Rick, Morty, Mo Salah and Vivianne Miedema are the (fever) dream team you never knew you needed to see.'

To make a piece of footwear that's good enough for Salah, Miedema and Lionel Messi is no small task though, so the X SPEEDPORTAL features top-of-the-line tech that more than backs up its humorous marketing campaign. It features a Speedframe cage with a new lightweight sole plate, a brand-new stability system and, on the top-spec version, a Speedskin 2.0 upper.

'If one thing’s for certain in modern football, it’s that the game is getting faster and faster: faster attacks, faster reactions, and faster athletes,' said Franziska Aurnhammer, a senior product manager at adidas. 'But "speed" itself is also changing with the times. Top-speed linear sprints used to dominate the game. In 2022, speed is multi-dimensional, encompassing mental quickness, positioning, space creation, and more.'

'With X SPEEDPORTAL we listened to what some of the fastest players on the planet wanted from their boots,' Aurnhammer continued. 'It was clear that the mental element of speed was just as important as the physical, which is why it was so important to create a boot that not only supports explosive movement but also allows players to enter a flow state where movement is fast and autonomous.',

If you're looking to play like the world's best or you just like a good glowing green pair of kicks, the X SPEEDPORTAL line is available on the adidas webstore now. Prices range from $280 for the highest-end cleated footwear to $80 for a pair of turf shoes.

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