Reebok Beatnik Outdoors Pack
Reebok Beatnik Outdoors Pack
Reebok Beatnik Outdoors Pack

Reebok Venture the Beatnik into the ‘Outdoors’
Release: 2 June 2023

Colourway: Outdoor Pack

Reebok are continuing their steady rollout of the Beatnik by sticking to its campsite adjacent origins with this latest ‘Outdoors’ drop. Consisting of another trio of the ripple-soled clogs made from functional materials – previously rendered in sturdy options like CORDURA and suede – this new drop continues the trend with the quilted nylon found on M-65 field jacket liners.,

The M-65 – short for M-1965 – field jacket was introduced in 1965 as the successor to the M-43 (aka M-1943) for military use. Despite its birth on the battlefield, it was quickly adopted as a sturdy piece of civilian clothing, and made its appearance on the silver screen in iconic 1970s films including Jaws and Taxi Driver. A detail that’s perhaps a bit more relevant to M-65 wearers in cold climates is the optional nylon liner that can be attached into the jacket, which is repurposed here on these Beatniks.

Beyond the expected olive edition, the other blue and white colourways draw on the environments that the Beatnik and M-65 liner are likely to be found: by the water and the arctic tundra, respectively.

The Reebok Beatnik ‘Outdoors’ pack is available now directly from Reebok and select retailers.

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