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Reebok to Retro Iverson's Answer IV
Release: 27 October 2017

Style Code: V44961

Colourway: Black/Grey

With the NBA season teetering on full swing, Reebok are paying tribute to arguably the greatest player to never receive a ring. Fans of Allen Iverson will be pleasantly surprised by the 'Bok's decision to retro the Answer IV in its original black and grey colourway.


This model was worn by the point guard during 76ers' NBA Finals match-up against the Lakers back in 2001. Philadelphia took out Game One, marking Iverson's only victory in an NBA Finals series. Ultimately, though, Kobe and Shaq's Lakers brought home the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy.

In any case, this model represents one of the hottest periods of Iverson's career. If you've been looking for 'The Answer' to your winter footwear woes, you'll find it right here.

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