Reebok Sole Trainer3 Side View
Reebok Sole Trainer4 Side View
Reebok Sole Trainer4 Perspective
Reebok Sole Trainer3 Perspective
Reebok Sole Trainer2 Side View
,Reebok Sole Trainer2 Perspective
Reebok Sole Trainer Side View
Reebok Sole Trainer Perspective

Reebok Sole-Trainer (2014 Retro Pack)

The Reebok Sole-Trainer is all about overlays – there are so many overlays on this thing you don't even know what they're overlaying anymore. And that's the way we like it, goddamnit! This runner was a big winner for the Bok in the 90s, spearheading a new generation of lightweight sneaks, with plenty of cushioning thanks to a slab of that hectic Hexalite in the front and back ends. Now we see it return in pig suede and mesh in some very 90s colour combos, including a loud and clean orange and white, a black and red joint and an old grampa steez navy and black number. These are available now in a wide size run at Reebok Classic
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