Lil Yachty Signs To Reebok 1
Lil Yachty Signs To Reebok 2

Reebok Ride Lil Yachty's Wave

Lil Yachty Signs To Reebok 3

Lil Yachty has pulled up to the ‘Bok and cast his anchor. The nautical king of teens announced via social media he had inked a deal with Reebok, and, like Gucci Mane before him, will work with the Workout.

For Reebok, the move is the latest in their quest to conquer hip hop and the genre’s affiliates. It’s also the second time a personality came to a head with Joe Budden and finessed a sneaker deal afterwards. Coincidence? Probably not, but we can speculate.

Like Mr Mane, Yachty hails from Atlanta, and so has a special connection to the Workout. The sneaker became a cult favourite in the area during early 90s after the Hot Boys renamed it the ‘Solja’. Let’s see if Yachty’s influence will workout well for the model.

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