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Reebok The Rail (San Antonio)

The Rail South Beach Dp
The Rail South Beach Toebox
The Rail South Beach Sideview
The Rail South Beach Perspective
The Rail South Beach Heel2
The Rail South Beach Heel

You could be forgiven for thinking this is another South Beach steezin' sneak, but you'd be a fool, a damn fool that don't know jack about true Texas flavour. Yes, the San Antonio Spurs are a staunch outfit these days, they're all about black and grey and getting the job done without being flashy, but back in the day they had some proper pizazz – their logo had hot splashes of orange, pink and teal. And the Big Dog Glenn Robinson spent some time poncing along that famous river walk track (albeit in 2005, when the dope logo had already been retired), so Reebok deliver a special retro San Antonio inspired version of his signature sneak as seen above, and it's out now at all good Bok stockers.

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