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Reebok Question Mid Prototype

Reebok Question Mid (Prototype)

Twenty years ago, a young Allen Iverson was busy finishing up his sophomore year at Georgetown Uni. Behind the scenes, Reebok had already tapped into Ivy's potential and were hard at work on the debut signature shoe for the future NBA MVP. The shoe they created is the one you see above, a prototype for the legendary Question that Iverson would don for his pro-league debut. In honour of the models 20th anniversary, Reebok are releasing the prototype version of the Question Mid for the very first time. The 'Prototype' Question Mid features a Carnage-like toebox and unique question mark branding on the heel, though the most distinguishing change comes in the form of the large side-wall perforation and relocation of the Reebok branding above it. The 'Prototype' Question Mid is one of 20 special incarnations Reebok have planned for the silhouette in 2016 in honour of the anniversary milestone. Look for these to hit select Reebok stockists on Februrary 5th.

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