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Pump It Up! The Reebok Pump TZ Appears in an OG Colourway


The Reebok Pump line still generates waves of nostalgia for sneakerheads the world over. Debuting in the late 1980s, the Pump soon became a hit both on and off the hardwood. Recognisable for the inflatable chambers on the tongues, the retro-futurist tech allows wearers to customise their fits by pumping air into the chamber, creating a snug and comfortable fit around the foot.

The ’Bok continue to throw their support behind the Pump tech in recent years, with models like the Insta Pump Fury, Shaq Attaq and Omni Zone all getting a modern overhaul. Now, Reebok are revisiting an OG colourway in the upcoming Pump TZ, rendered in a blast of citrus orange.

Recently given some extra airtime by Maison Margiela’s faux-scuffed TZs, Reebok will be hoping its Pump catalogue can score some buckets for the brand in 2023, as the indelible Twilight Zone model nears its 35th anniversary.

The Reebok Pump TZ will be available on February 17.

Can’t get enough of the Pump? Check out our recent interview with Shaquille O’Neal.

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