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Reebok Pump Supreme Ultraknit (White)


A list of things you cannot/should not do while rocking Reebok's blinding-white Pump Supreme Ultraknits: venture anywhere near a crowded dancefloor, eat squid-ink risotto, be within ten metres of kids, condiments, kids with condiments, or puddles. The list goes on. To be safe, maybe just stay inside. These Pumps look best pristine.

The Pump Supreme's slick silhouette – a departure from what we once expected from chunk-loving Reebok – shot to prominence with a  and hasn’t disappointed since. It has, however, evolved. The futuristic footwear ditched the neoprene and mesh uppers of previous editions in favour of the brand's newfangled Ultraknit – a slim and flexible knitted fabric that looks as sharp as it is snug. A sleek Pump tech bladder encircles the upper, a carbonated foam midsole and carbon-fibre outsole stabilise the feet, and a Pump inflation station is the only feature that pokes its pretty head above the sneaker's streamlined surface. The result? An ultra-minimal, effortlessly cool shoe that'll tempt you to go all Boy in the Bubble come rainy/slushy snow season.

Reebok's Pump Supreme Ultraknit will drop at select retailers such as  Sivasdescalzo on July 6.

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