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Reebok Pump Question (Black/Orange)

We've seen Nike and other brands do it over and over, mashing classic sneaks together in an effort to recreate the wheel – sometimes it has worked, often not. Reebok recently gave the chop and screw game a go, aligning with retailers Villa to create a Philly-inspired jam. This right here though, Reebok have hit the nail smack-bang on the head. Set atop the base of the Allen Iverson Question Mid pro-model, the historic Pump system looks nothing short of being right at home, resting pretty on the tongue. Making this even more on-point, the colour palette comes as an adaptation of another familiar Pump patriot – Dee Brown's Omni Lite. Well played Reebok, well played! Other than the December 26 release date, no solid info has dropped just yet, so in the meantime, enjoy the gallery above and stay tuned to SF for the dirt as it's dug. Images via Sneaker News.

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