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Reebok Provide the Canvas for Famous Keith Haring Motifs

On-sale: 22 Oct 21
Style Code GZ1456Colorway Keith Haring
Keith Haring x Reebok GL 6000
Keith Haring x Reebok Classic Leather
Keith Haring x Reebok CL Legacy
Keith Haring x Reebok Club C
Keith Haring x Reebok Club C Legacy
Keith Haring x Reebok GL 6000
Keith Haring x Reebok

Keith Haring was among the renegades in a creative movement during the 1980s that helped make art accessible to the masses. He specifically did this by choosing the streets of New York and beyond as the canvas for his distinct handstyle and quirky expositions on life’s mysteries. Now, the legacy of his artwork lives on through this latest collaborative sneaker collection with Reebok.

Haring’s works have graced Reebok sneakers before, with efforts going back to almost a decade ago. Rather than reprise those same designs and graphics, this all-new collection visits a selection of new and old ‘bok models including the Classic Leather, CL Legacy, Club C, Club C Legacy and GL 6000.

A number of these colourways incorporate classic Haring motifs such as the barking dog, which the artist often drew in chalk – a nod to this medium is reflected in the panel edging of the Classic Leather. Elsewhere, the ‘dancing figures’ that feature in so many Haring works pop up on the tongue labels of each pair in the collection. And some shoes here don’t directly reference the artwork, but rather iconic locations, namely the ‘Pop Shop’ that Haring once had in New York.

The Keith Haring collection will be available directly from Reebok on October 22.

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