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Reebok Lx8500 (Vintage Pack)

Reebok Lx 8500 Vintage 1Reebok Lx 8500 Vintage 1
Reebok Lx8500 Vintage Lghtgry Rght Profile 11
Reebok Lx8500 Vintage Darkgry Aerial 11
Reebok Lx8500 Vintage Darkgry Heel Profile 11
Reebok Lx8500 Vintage Darkgry Hero 11

It was 1985, Mike Tyson got a KO in his first pro fight, Ivan Lendl dispatched of American anti-hero John McEnroe to win the US Open and Reebok's landmark high-tech running shoe the LX8500 was released. It may not be the bastion of innovation it was once was, but the LX has found a new home under the jeans and tracksuit pants of vintage fashionistas. This latest pack goes hard on the vintage detailing too, letting you don kicks that have all the aesthetics of an antique while none of the actual degradation. Yep, we're talking some intentional creasing, faded colours and even yellowed glue on the midsole! Garment leather is layered on across the silhouette with a snakeskin style embossed heel bringing the bumps on this smooth ride. The LX double pack is available now at Reebok retailers including Asphaltgold.

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