Insta Pump Y2 K Dp
Insta Pump Y2 K Tongue
Insta Pump Y2 K Toebox
Insta Pump Y2 K Sole
Insta Pump Y2 K Sideview
Insta Pump Y2 K Perspective
,Insta Pump Y2 K Heel

Reebok Insta Pump Fury (Y2k Retro)

Entering the year 2000 was a scary time, remember? The world was gonna end 'cos all our computers were about to explode – see here for proof. We were super stressed out so distractions were important and Reebok supplied this, the 'Y2K' Insta Pump Fury. Hitting stores in the early days of the new millennium, the furious sneak was fitted out in a loud mix of grey, blue, yellow and white – kinda made it look like modem cables, innit? Hopefully that was the point. The 2014 bring-back is due out on May 23 at Reebok retailers, including Mita.

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