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Reebok Fury Adapt

Reebok's Insta Pump Fury is a polarising shoe –  it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. With this in mind Reebok have borrowed a few aesthetic suggestions from the Insta Pump to develop the all-new Fury Adapt, a modern runner with a stripped back build.

In keeping with current sock-like tastes, the new Fury Adapt has a much sleeker construction than its predecessor. The cages supporting the uppers mimic the geometry of the forbearer, while the rest of the mesh upper is taped to a neoprene collar for a snug fit. The midsole is slim but still features the Reebok Hexalite cushioning in the heel for a comfortable ride. The ‘Citron’ colourway is the most noticeable inheritance, looking every bit as bold as it did in '94.

The Reebok Fury Adapt is available now at select Reebok stockists, including Afew.

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