Reebok Classic Shaqnosis Blue Profile
Reebok Classic Shaqnosis Blue Hero
Reebok Classic Shaqnosis Blue Hero2
Reebok Classic Shaqnosis Blue Hero3
Reebok Classic Shaqnosis Blue Toe Quarter

Reebok Classic Shaqnosis (Magic Blue)


The Reebok Shaq line bring-back has been a Shaq-culean success thus far and there's plenty more goodness to come. We've seen the first OG hypnotiser Shaqnosis drop like hot potatoes and get copped like hot cakes, now Dr Bok is opening up the palette and releasing some fresh colourways. These blue and black bangers should make you think of the Orlando Magic instantly, where Ernest Shaqleton did some of his best work in the paint, and if you don't know your B-Ball then the Disney World Mickey ears in the pic above should fill in the blanks. Check out that dunkman embroidery on the heel too! The Orlando Shaqs will drop on Friday, August 2; limited pairs of the Shaqnosis will be available at Foot Locker, Finish Line, Champs, Jimmy Jazz, DTLR, Shiekh and

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