Reebok Classic Butter Soft Pack Leather
Reebok Classic Butter Soft Pack Workout
Reebok Classic Butter Soft Pack Club C

Reebok Classics Butter Soft Pack

Reebok's new Butter Soft pack takes the idea of buttery leather to another level. The term is often used to describe the supple softness of high quality hides but the notion of mixing the artery-jamming ingredient into an athletic shoe seems odd. Never the less, Reebok made the connection and we’re glad they did.

The pack contains three silhouettes – Classic Leather, Workout and Club C – each smothered in a creamy pale yellow. A light-coloured gum sole has been added to the base, rounding out a tonal sensation for lovers of lardy leather.

The trio of tasty treats that make up the Reebok Classic ‘Butter Soft’ Pack will be available from August 12 through select ‘bok stockists, including Size?.

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