Reebok Classic Reserve2 Sideview
Reebok Classic Reserve Perspective Sole
Reebok Classic Reserve3 Sideview
Reebok Classic Reserve3 Perspective
Reebok Classic Reserve3 Perspective Sole
,Reebok Classic Reserve2 Perspective
Reebok Classic Reserve2 Perspective Sole
Reebok Classic Reserve Sideview
Reebok Classic Reserve Perspective
Reebok Classic Reserve Perspective Laces

Reebok Classic Reserve (Reworked Pack)

Reebok is giving some of its most iconic shapes a luxury reworking for the posh punters and general lovers of high class livin' out there. The Reebok Classic Leather, Ex-O-Fit Clean and Workout Plus all get taken to the manor and dressed up to the nines in premium suede upper tuexedos with pig leather collar lining, while downstairs they get fitted with fancy Vibram soles. The uppers also feature intricate topography map prints all over in grey and navy. All three are available now at Reebok Classic Reserve collection retailers.

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