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Reebok Lovingly Restore the Classic Leather

Reebok Classic Leather TongueReebok Classic Leather Tongue
Reebok Classic Leather White Grey
Reebok Classic Leather White Grey
Reebok Classic Leather White Gum Sole

The art of trainerspotting has become increasingly prevalent in recent years, with eagle-eyed sneakerheads keen to keep brands on their toes when it comes to period correctness. Reebok have a fairly proven track record when it comes to historical accuracy, yet they’ve managed to eke out even more archival detail for the Classic Leather. As its 40th anniversary approaches, the model has received a little facelift and reverted its details back to its 1980s specifications. Let’s take a closer look at all the small changes that have resulted in a big difference.

For example, the overall silhouette has been amended ever so slightly. Reebok have trimmed off some fat by removing excess padding in the tongue, and sharpened the rake on the toe, resulting in a more sculpted shape truer to before. The outsole lugs now feature a very slight taper, replicating how the originals were made – even the little ‘nubs’ on the toe cap protrude a little further like earlier versions.

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