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Reebok Classic Easter Pack

Kids don't do a whole lot of Easter egg dying anymore, they're more into chocolate egg eating, but maybe this new Reebok Classic Easter Pack will revitalise the tradition. First up there is the Question Mid in an extended grade school size run, with a glossy white upper encapsulated by hydro blue lining, outsole, accents and a toebox with an egg shell texture. Then there's the Kamikaze II in men's and GS sizes, with a jadite and teal suede upper and an egg yolk speckled white midsole. Has anyone ever thought it strange that a rabbit delivers chocolate in the shape of chicken eggs? Rabbits certainly don't lay eggs. How would it go down? Does the Easter Bunny keep a coop of chocolate chickens and crack the whip around April to start producing the goods? No one will ever explain that, but maybe we can school you that the bunny thing came from hares and eggs being pagan symbols of fertility in spring festivals to celebrate the renewal of life, cos the Easter holiday is kinda about Jesus coming back from the dead. Anyway, forget that, it's the Easter Bilby that matters. Limited pairs of the Question Mid and Kamikaze II will be available on April  18th from Champs, Foot Locker, Kids Foot Locker, Jimmy Jazz, DTLR, Shoe City and on April 18.

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