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Reebok Atv 19 Plus Profile 1
Reebok Atv 19 Plus Hovering 1
Reebok Atv 19 Plus Outsole On Sole 1
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Reebok Atv 19 Plus Outsole 1
Reebok Atv 19 Plus Heel 1,

Reebok Atv 19+

Straight outta the test tube from the Reebok laboratory comes a bionic octopus of a shoe that is sure to make a splash in the running market. The ATV 19+ aims to be an All Terrain Vehicle, providing support and comfort on any surface (peep the video with UFC star Rampage Jackson below for an illustration). 19 nodes or 'lugs' are scattered across the sole with the outer lugs acting as training wheels to keep you on your feet when pounding irregular surfaces. The ATV 19+ is due to debut on February 1 at Reebok retailers. Pics via Nice Kicks.

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