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Rare Fear Of God Samples Are Released To The Public

2 Fear Of God Sample Line Up2 Fear Of God Sample Line Up
Fog Sample 4
Fog Samples
Fog Sample 3
Fog Sample 2
Fog Sample 1

Christmas is coming early for Fear of God aficionados, with FOG mastermind Jerry Lorenzo releasing some rare samples from the brand's archive. Lorenzo put up four previously-unseen samples from the Fear of God x colab on Grailed, giving us an insight into the direction the colab could have taken. The samples include two early prototypes of the , a Vans Era modified with corduroy panelling, and a red and white mock-up of the upcoming release.

It goes without saying that the four pairs Jerry released on Grailed were snapped up instantly, but the samples may give us a hint as to the direction that Vans and Fear of God might take in the future.

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