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Rainbow adidas UltraBOOST: Retro or Restock?

The re-emergence of this particular adidas UltraBOOST colourway raises some important questions. First of all, where’s the line between retro and restock? The rainbow-accented designs were last available around a year ago via the brand’s miadidas customisation platform and have already hit the shelves for another round. Can a prescribed formula sold though a platform such as miadidas even be considered a retro?

Those are some of the existential worries of the sneaker world that we must grapple with on the daily. But, one thing’s clear, with the instant success and subsequent coveting of these limited edition designs last year, it’s obvious that adidas have seized an opportunity to capitalise on the tail end of the hype cycle.

The adidas mi UltraBOOST is available now from select stockists, including online from atmos.

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