Puma Style Rider Front Angle Engine
Puma Style Rider Front Angle Helmet
Puma Style Rider Leaning Engine
Puma Style Rider Slanted Tyres
Puma Style Rider Slanted
Puma Style Rider Front Angle Tyres
Puma Style Rider In Hand
Puma Future Rider Leaning
Puma Future Rider Front Angle
Puma Future Rider Lateral

PUMA’s Future Rider and Style Rider Are for Life in the Fast Lane
Release: 20 December 2019

Style Code: 372839-01

Colourway: White

If you feel the need for speed, PUMA’s got the goods with the new Future Rider and Style Rider. The Big Cat brand lifts the hood on 1980’s Fast Rider runner and drops in Rider Foam, propelling it into the slipstream of sleek modern sneaks.

The appropriately named Style Rider rejigs panels in ripstop nylon, microfibre and mesh. The foam rand has morphed into organic flowing shapes, offset by the chamfered Rider Foam midsole. Finalising the tweak is the new grid-like configuration of the shock-absorbing ‘Federbein’ outsole tread. It’s not all new-age though: blue and white palettes are right out of the PUMA playbook.

For the purist seeking comfort from archival designs, the Future Rider reimagines classic design with 40 years of experience. Sharp, sleek and speedy are the best descriptors here. To continue the car analogy, everything has been chopped and dropped, plus a cushioning upgrade with Rider Foam. Exposed foam tongues, nylon panels, and suede bumpers complete the heritage homage.

Race on down to size? doors and their webstore for a dose of high-octane footwear today.

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