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Puma Mmq Tawsh 1
Puma Machts Mit Qualitat 1
Puma Mmq Sneaker 1
Puma Tawsh Chukka 1
Puma Tawsh Heel 1
Black Suede Puma Tawsh 1
Puma Tawsh Grey 1
Puma Black Tawsh 1
Puma Tawsh 1
Puma Cork Sole 1

PUMA Tawsh (Mmq)

Puma's highbrow Mach Mit Qualitat collection continues to tweak our attention with this tasty Tawsh boot. The premium suede upper features a rich leather heel and skirting, all nestled upon a sturdy cork footbed for an organic feel. In grey or midnight, check them out now at mita sneakers.

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