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PUMA Reinvent the Running System

PUMA just rebooted an icon of 80s running technology. Released in 1986, the RS-100 allowed runners to plug their shoes into the matrix (or IBM PC Computer or Commodore 64 or whatever else the 16-pin cord would allow) and analyse their performance.

It was so far ahead of its time that it'd take the world a while to catch up, but we got there. Case in point: PUMA’s latest offering. The new RS-0 revives the Running System family with design dipped in neo-nostalgia. It’s built with a bootie sitting snug in leather uppers, and wears an 80s computer screen's favourite colours.

The melding of past and future will continue with modern adaptions of 1986’s RS-100 and 1987’s RS-350 following the RS-0 in the coming months.

Limited release is logged for April 14, with a global release on April 19 from your favourite Puma retailer.

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