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PUMA Re-Suede (New Pics)

It's not often you can say your shoes are made from solar panels and plasma TVs, but these Re-Suedes from PUMA are all that and more. Apparently flatscreens can be ground-up and made into a high-quality polyester fibre, but the even more surprising part is that the end result still feels as soft and lush as anything made from real suede. The outsole is combination of natural rubber and rice husk waste, which is a material derived from the process of manufacturing Cheesy Poofs and Coco Pops. The sockliner and even the laces are made form recycled rubbish as well. PUMA also told us that the Re-Suede weighs substantially less than the standard issue, saving 15 tonnes for every 10,000 pairs that are shipped around the world. Delivered in PUMA's vaunted lo-fi 'green' bag system, the Re-Suedes are definitely a new way of reducing your footprint.

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