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PUMA Prevail OG Retro

It happened! The PUMA gods heard our pleas for a retro of this divinely inspired Prevail, and graciously decided to answer our prayers. Way back in October we pined for the Prevail in our ‘Retro Runner Rehab’ feature. We argued a case for its time transcending design and posited that its Trinomic tech would be well-received by a modern audience.

And so it seems that sometimes, if you ask, the sneaker universe will provide. Not only have PUMA reissued this gloriously 90s-chic runner, they’ve given us the OG ‘White/Purple/Black’ colourway. Mesh may be a little finer – and the forefoot panels smoothed out – but the materials on the 2017 Prevail are largely true to the OG. PUMA fans are going to have kittens when they see this.

The PUMA Prevail OG Retro is available now from Afew store.

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