Puma Disc Tropicalia Black Pink Profile
Puma Disc Floral
Puma Disc Floral Black Pink
Puma Disc Tropicalia Black Pink
Puma Disc Tropicalia Black Pink Heel
,Puma Disc Tropicalia Black Pink 1
Puma Disc Tropicalia Black Pink 2
Puma Disc Tropicalia Teal Heel
Puma Disc Tropicalia Teal Side
Puma Disc Tropicalia Teal Angle
Puma Disc Tropicalia Teal Front

PUMA Disc (Tropicalia Pack)

The Disc Blaze isn't the only time Puma has used their coolest shoe closure system, they've slipped it onto a few other silhouettes too. Although this re-worked 'Puma Disc' double pack doesn't share the same Trinomic midsole as the Blaze, it does offer slimmer overlay support for the Disc fasteners – the straps look like they were ripped off basketball goggles. We dig it, especially in this 'Tropicalia' pack, with two offerings bursting with colour thanks to a scattering of tropical flower images across the uppers. The black/pink and turquoise Discs are due to hit Puma retailers on February 3.

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