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PUMA Disc Blaze (OG 1993)

Puma Disc Blaze Og 1993 1Puma Disc Blaze Og 1993 1
Puma Disc Blaze Og 1993
Puma Disc Blaze Og 1993 3
Puma Disc Blaze Og 1993 2
Puma Disc Blaze Og 1993 4

Update: After a little lingering the Puma Disc Blaze OG is starting to see a wider birth. Hit up Rock City Kicks to get yours.

Nike affirmed the affinity of '93 till infinity by resurrecting the 20 years after its inception. Looking to steal some of the 20 year celebratory shine, Puma dishes out a serving of delectable Disc cuisine. It's served ice cold with an extra healthy dollop of OG fillings, a sprinkle of grey, a touch of black and hues of snorkel blue and green for taste. Ready to be devoured, look to find these at select Puma retailers, including Titolo.

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