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PUMA Disc 89

Puma Disc 89 Introductory Trio 2Puma Disc 89 Introductory Trio 2
Puma Disc 89 Introductory Trio 3
Puma Disc 89 Introductory Trio 1
Puma Disc 89 Billys Exclusive4
Puma Disc 89 Billys Exclusive3
Puma Disc 89 Billys Exclusive2
Puma Disc 89 Billys Exclusive

UPDATE: This introductory banger trio of Puma Disc 89s has finally returned on the radar, making pitstops at spots globally including Sivasdescalzo.

Ever wonder what a fusion between 's and would look like? Probably not until just now, but wonder no more, because that question has just been answered with an amalgamation of the two branded as the Disc 89. Making its debut at Japanese retailer Billy's in a trio of tonal colourways, the new design features a one-piece moulded upper based on the R698 integrated with the wire-based lacing system from the Disc Blaze. These will be dropping exclusively through Billy's on August 15, but we expect a slew of additional colourways to follow in the coming months.

- Originally published on August 13, 2015.

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