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Puma Autodisc Self Lacing
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Puma Autodisc Self Lacing9
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PUMA Debuts Self-Lacing Autodisc

So October 21st has come and gone – yet we are still left to tie our laces like chumps! Sure, Nike revealed a Power-Lacing version of the Mag, as we all expected, but they won't be dropping until a series of charity auctions scheduled for Spring 2016. If the 2011 Mag release is anything to go by, you can be sure that fierce bidding will push these into unobtainium territory. Fortunately, while Nike holds the patent for auto-lacing sneakers the 'Back to the Future' way, their patent doesn't rule out other brands from experimenting with alternative methods of self-lacing, so Puma has stepped up to the plate. Having originally shaken up the sneaker world in 1991 with the release of the Disc, a shoe that integrated a system of internal wires to provided the optimal fit sans laces, Puma have revisited the unique mechanism and given it a high-tech makeover. The AutoDisc takes the Disc system and throws a servo into the mix, allowing the wearer to tighten and loosen the shoe's fit with the push of a button. We won't lie, externally the shoe seems to lack a lot of the 'wow' factor the Mag has, but in its place the AutoDisc looks sleek, light and wearable on the daily. Could auto-lacing be more than just a novelty? No word on exactly how or when the shoes will drop, but you can count on a 2016 release – and judging by the text on the top of the box, we get the feeling that Puma might be trying to beat Nike out of the gates. Let's just hope that the '/50' on the box doesn't mean there will only be 50 pairs made. You can rest assured, we'll definitely keep you posted on any updates with these. Pics via High Snobiety.

Ahead of the game #Foreverfaster #autodisc #comingsoon

— Usain St. Leo Bolt (@usainbolt) November 10, 2015

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