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PUMA Clyde Home And Away Pack

UPDATEWe've got some new shot's of the uber limited PUMA Clyde Home and Away Pack! Check the images for a feel of how the shoe looks on foot, and get mad at the lucky punter who got to lace up in number one of the 759 pairs in existence.

PUMA are bringing Clyde Frazier’s 70s basketball shoe back into our lives. The model has been benched for the last five years but now its back in the game with a super limited, Italian made rendition in two colourways. One is navy with a white Formstripe, and the other white with a blue Formstripe.

Only 759 colourways of the shoe are being made (a nod to the amount of games Clyde played for the Knicks) meaning that this duo are going to be invaluable to PUMA head’s collections. The shoes are constructed of premium Italian leather and each pair has been numbered with gold detailing on the heel. Gold also shows on the PUMA Clyde branding on the forefoot, and special labelling comes on the insole, too.

The PUMA Clyde is available from Footpatrol in store only from July 8.

Originally published on July 8, 2016.

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