Super Mario Bros. x PUMA
Super Mario Bros. x PUMA Future Rider
Super Mario Bros. x PUMA

PUMA Celebrate 35 Years of Super Mario Bros
Release: 27 November 2020

Colourway: Super Mario 64

PUMA’s Super Mario Bros collaboration is about to hit a mushroom and double in size, with four more shoes celebrating the loveable plumber announced for next month.

The upcoming collection is inspired by three adventures from Super Mario 3D All-Stars™. A Future Rider Super Mario 64 nods to Mario’s first voyage in three dimension, with red and blue taking cues from his outfit, his Wing Cap, and the game’s landscape. A brick block ups the cute factor with a nod to the iconic game feature.

Mario’s ventures to the Isle Delfino inform the Clyde, which features details from Super Mario Sunshine™, like a watery Formstripe and sunny yellow laces.

The intergalactic RS-Fast Super Mario Galaxy sports a bold mix of black, purple, white and silver, while Mario’s sidekick Luma sits on the tongue.

Finally, the Future Rider Nintendo Entertainment System™ wears the colours of the classic console, while controller hangtags and original artwork tongue tags add the final commemorative touches.

The Super Mario Bros trio will be available from November 27, while the NES Future Rider will launch globally on December 4.

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