Public Enemy Puma Sky Lx Lateral
Public Enemy Puma Sky Lx Front Angle
Public Enemy Puma Sky Lx Rear Angle
Public Enemy Puma Clyde Lateral
Public Enemy Puma Clyde Front Angle
,Public Enemy Puma Clyde Rear Angle

PUMA Celebrate 30th Anniversary of Public Enemy’s ‘Fear of A Black Planet’
Release: 9 April 2020

Style Code: 374538-01

Colourway: Puma White/High Risk Red

YEAHHH BOYEEEE! Can you believe that Fear of A Black Planet released on this day, 30 years ago? The seminal Public Enemy album has received yet another accolade, this time in the form of two PUMA sneakers.

The Sky LX is a quintessentially PUMA basketball shoe, and its high-top cut provides plenty of real estate for custom Public Enemy logos and bold ‘FIGHT THE POWER’ text printed on the ankle. Its in-your-face white and red colourway is a tough look too. Strap up!

Complementing the Sky LX is the classic Clyde, this time in clean red leather with a black suede Formstripe. The album title is printed boldly on the midsole wall, so the commemorative nature can’t be missed.

Both also come with custom branding and special boxes. Out now from SNS.

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