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Puma Blaze Of Glory Limitless

PUMA Blaze Of Glory Limitless

Since its arrival on the scene back in 2007 – by way of  'Great White' – the Blaze of Glory has proven itself to be one of the most popular silhouettes in the PUMA arsenal. While near-perfect in its own right, the Big Cat began experimenting with the model in recent years, tweaking it with all kinds of modifications. We've seen everything from straps to neoprene collars – but this latest variation takes the model to the extreme.

PUMA have gone all out and fitted the sharp-nosed runner with the very best of modern tech to bring us the Blaze of Glory Limitless. A contemporary silhouette with a well-respected pedigree, this new iteration of the BOG features a stretchy knitted upper for a snug sock-like fit. The familiar TPU components of the sneaker have been recreated with textile in a minimalist fashion, with a hit of leather on the toe for pop. Finished off with an IGNITE sole unit, this modern update delivers comfort both above and below.

The PUMA Blaze of Glory Limitless is available to purchase right now from Platypus Shoes – which will also give you a chance to win a four-day shopping bender in Tokyo!

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