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PUMA Announce The Ignite Limitless

Puma Ignite Limitless 3
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Puma Ignite Limitless 1

have taken to the streets to announce two upcoming sneakers: the IGNITE Limitless Hi Tech, and the IGNITE Limitless Extreme Hi Tech. Launching as part of PUMA’s #RunTheStreets initiative, the shoes are equipped with everything city dwellers need to explore the urban jungle. IGNITE FOAM cushioning, 3M, watertight PU on the toe cap, and a four-way stretch neoprene clamshell construction provide everything you need to keep on keeping on during your journey through the streets.

When it comes to colourways – you can opt for predominantly black with silver and red accents, or blend in with city pigeons with a grey, silver and red option.

The PUMA IGNITE Limitless Hi Tech and Extreme Hi Tech will be available from PUMA online on January 12.


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