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Preview The Newest Range Of Nike SB Dunks

Nike Sb Dunk Preview 6Nike Sb Dunk Preview 6
Nike Sb Dunk Preview 8
Nike Sb Dunk Preview 7
Nike Sb Dunk Preview 5
Nike Sb Dunk Preview 4
Nike Sb Dunk Preview 3
Nike Sb Dunk Preview 2
Nike Sb Dunk Preview 1

The heady days of the ‘Dunk SB Era’ may be in the rear-view mirror, but that means it’s a great time to get into this classic silhouette while the hypebeasts have their eyes locked on some other shiny new thing. We’ve snapped off a bootlegger of the latest range of Dunks, which are due out early-to-mid next year, and can confirm the Swoosh skate crew is going full loco. While there are a couple of black and white jobs for the staunch shredders who don’t like attracting attention, the rest of the range gets proper experimental. One of the Lows goes full-Robin Williams (Mork era), while another one takes us back to Woodstock when tie-dye T-shirts and LSD tabs was the essential combo. On the materially High side; we’ve got some security guards’ black and gum joints, an overwheming red and white number and an Uncle Sam-endorsed colour-blocker. Stay tuned for more info. Pics via US11.

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