Nike Sb Pigeon Dunk
Nike Sb Pigeon Dunk
Nike Sb Pigeon Dunk

Prep Your Tent – The Nike 'Pigeon' Returns!

Jeff Staple has taken to social with one of the biggest sneaker teases of the year, posting a Nike sample tag to Twitter and Insta.

The tag suggests a 2017 holiday-season release. Signifiers like the model's name and colourway are obscured, but some savvy codebreakers state that the other technical jargon points to a high-cut rendition of Staple's infamous 'Pigeon' Dunk SB. The highly coveted Dunk incited a riot upon release that required police intervention and made the front page of the New York Post.

At this stage, much of what's out there is mere speculation, but what we do know is that a Staple x Nike product is definitely arriving in the coming months and a 'Pigeon' will most definitely be involved! We'll keep you posted with any updates.

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