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Premier X Saucony Shadow 6000 (Life On Mars Pack)

Shadow 600 DpShadow 600 Dp
Shadow 600 Red Sideview2
Shadow 600 Red Sideview
Shadow 600 Red Perspective
Shadow 600 Gry Sideview2
Shadow 600 Gry Sideview
Shadow 600 Gry Perspective
Shadow 600 Feature6
Shadow 600 Feature5
Shadow 600 Feature4
Shadow 600 Feature3
Shadow 600 Feature2
Shadow 600 Feature

The Premier x 'Life on Mars' pack comes cobbled in quality red and grey suede, serving as the sneaker equivalent of the Exploration Rover. Check out the pics above and you'll see why this colab has got people buzzing – plus these Shadows were apparently created to endure the rigors of life on Mars. Not sure on how many people are willing to make that trip, but if you ever decide on it, then you'd probably want to grab yourself a pair – just make sure you don't get mugged by Martians for your kicks. With the release date set for March 29, you can look to cop your pair in stores or jump on @premierskate to get yours online from the link. For more deets, just check out the Premier site.

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