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Pop Trading Company’s DC Colab Renews Lynx and Navigator Skate Steez

Pop Trading Company DC Lynx
Pop Trading Company DC Navigator
Pop Trading Company DC Lynx

Like good griptape, Amsterdam skate providers Pop Trading Company stick to collaborating on steezy sneakers, linking up with board OGs DC for a two-pack of skate- and street-ready joints in the Lynx and Navigator. In keeping the spirit of DC’s 90s origin story, this duo’s makeup is period correct.

Funnily enough, PTC x DC may have never happened if the latter hadn't withdrawn their cease and desist back in 2018, after they discovered Pop Trading Company had released a t-shirt with a cheeky logo flip using the original DC logo. However, they came to see the funny side of it, and this colab sees the two skate the peace (half)pipe together.

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