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PONY's City Wings Hit New Heights

PONY’s City Wings first hit the hardwood in 1986 and earned its stripes (or is that chevrons?) when Spud Webb took out the NBA Slam Dunk finals wearing the low tops.

The classic baller has popped up a few times since then, in both high- and low-cut models, but given the current thirst for retro bball sneaks, they’re coming back in a big way.

The 2018 version comes with all the touches that made the OG great: classic colour combos, premium leathers, and PONY’s signature understated New York cool. Extra heritage flourish comes by way of perforated leather panels, retro City Wings logo, and PONY’s Chevron logo.

Original red/black/white and white/black colourways will hit the spot with PONY purists, while new triple black and triple white make-ups will satisfy those looking for some subtle basketball steez.

To relive a piece of basketball — and sneaker — history, hit JD Sports now and pick up a pair of the OG highs or lows.

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