Playboi Carti Drake Designed Tn 1
Playboi Carti Drake Designed Tn 1
Playboi Carti Drake Designed Tn 1

Playboi Carti Unveils Nike TN Allegedly Meant For Drake
Release: 14 September 2018

Style Code: AV7940-700

Colourway: Frequency

At the end of August, a new TN surfaced which a Nike designer, posting to Instagram, said was ‘Drake’s Spin on the OG.’ The IG has been deleted for reasons only now apparent, but you can see a screenshot below.

Usually you’d take Instagram intel with a few grains of salt. But this post came from Sean McDowell, designer of the OG Air Max Plus and Converse’s current VP of design and innovation. If anyone had inside knowledge on a sneaker Drake was working on, it would be McDowell.

However, any links to Drake are now out the window. Playboi Carti has just appeared in a video unveiling the pair, which is part of a new ‘Frequency’ pack. The more jaded among you could deduce that the mix-tape featuring TN was meant to be co-signed by Drake, and that recent turmoil then led Nike to supplant his clout with Playboi Carti’s.

Whether that’s true, we’ll probably never know. But you’ll be able to get a pair for yourself when they hit Foot Locker on September 14.

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